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We help the industry to automate a task or process using robotic process automation and intelligent automation technology.

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Robotic Process Automation Services

The implementation of RPA can bring significant benefits to enterprises in terms of higher efficiency, cost savings, and smarter business processes. This helps automate rules-based repetitive tasks, leaving more time for additional work related to a specific domain. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services have empowered companies of virtually any size and industry to improve productivity and improve their return on investment.

Our comprehensive RPA services range from evaluation, strategy to implementation and deployment. We help companies automate and accelerate business process change, maximize return on investment, and streamline process efficiency so they can focus on more valuable work.

RPA Consulting

We help you understand and identify the processes that need automation. After we optimize performance and FTE, we plan a roadmap for deploying automation. Then our RPA consultants will identify the right RPA solution and OCR tools and finally present you with PoC for automation.

Automation Roadmap

Our automation experts can help you map out the manual processes that need automation. We then define the intervention models to be applied. After designing the automation architecture, we will develop a custom framework for implementation.

RPA Implementation

We design and develop bots using AI, machine learning, and cognitive services to automate processes. Our RPA experts then organize workflows and management and validation of the deployment. Finally, we help you scale business continuity.

Stay ahead of the competition with our professional, tailor-made robotic process automation development services.

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Why Choose AIT

We at Appexive are one of the major robotic process automation development companies in Salem, India. We offer unique robotic process automation. Availing RPA services & solutions from us will help you derive the following benefits

  • Engineering with Passion

    We are a network of innovators. We come up with daring solutions for our clients' most difficult challenges. We can research new technologies to develop the most suitable solutions, and 96% of our clients are willing to recommend us.

  • Performance Focus

    We become your dedicated partner. This means that we will not finish the project until we and you are 100% happy. With a customer satisfaction rate of over 97%, we are considered a key strategic technology partner.

  • Dedication to Success

    We innovate to help our customers stay ahead of the curve. We take care of your immediate needs and your long-term goals. We believe in triple success: for our customers, their customers, and the communities they influence.

Appexive How we work

AIT RPA Development Lifecycle



AIT Development Lifecycle Train key RPA stakeholders



AIT Development LifecycleDesign of high-level business cases for RPA



AIT Development Lifecycle Design and development of bots



AIT Development LifecycleMonitor the work performance of bots



AIT Development LifecycleTake an approach of continuous improvement

Appexive We Know

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  • 360 ° Approach

    We cover the entire life cycle of development, integration, and management of enterprise applications - from idea to delivery and ongoing support.

  • Time to Market

    A high level of expertise and a range of solution accelerators ensure rapid product deployment, quick setup, and smooth delivery. The result is lower development costs and faster time to market.

  • Technology Focused

    Focusing on your long-term success, we research and implement the latest technological solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions related to robot process automation that are frequently asked by our clients. If you need more information about robot process automation or have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

  • What does RPA mean?

    RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. Robotic describes a program that you can configure to work — just like you — with computer systems and applications. “Process” refers to the work that you want to do. And “automation” is what it sounds like, making the work do its own thing.

  • What are RPA bots?

    RPA bots, or simply "bots", are programs that you set up for digital work. These aren't just chatbots - they're a digital workforce. RPA bots can interact with any system or application in the same way as humans. It's as easy as showing your bots what to do and then letting them do the job.

  • Is RPA the same as intelligent automation?

    RPA is a big part of intelligent automation. Combining artificial intelligence technologies (such as machine learning and natural language processing) with RPA software makes it “smart”. Intelligent automation works in many - and more complex - business process automation scenarios than RPA alone.

  • Why use RPA?

    Have you ever felt like a robot? Classic examples of processes ripe for automation are called the "swivel chair" —that is, manual, heartbreaking, repetitive tasks that require no creative input or added value to be performed by humans. RPA takes over this “robotic” job and gets it done better and faster without stopping or making mistakes.

    The best part? This is just the beginning of the benefits of RPA.

    When RPA is combined with artificial intelligence technologies (also known as intelligent automation), it allows us to rethink the way companies operate by seamlessly integrating technology, workflows, and people.

    Here are some of the main benefits of using RPA + AI.

    Automate any business process from start to finish

    Connect front and back-office processes

    Organize and process complex data

    Troubleshooting Errors and Exceptions

    Strengthen operational security

    Ensure compliance

    Improve your customer experience

    Free employees

    Estimate a great return on investment

  • Where can I use RPA?

    For all industries and business sizes, RPA can handle any manual repetitive process — and be up and running in minutes. The applications for intelligent automation are limited only by your imagination. And with pre-built bots ready to download, you can find RPA bots pre-trained to perform functions such as hiring and hiring or handling insurance claims. Place bots anywhere.

  • What's next after RPA?

    If you're here, you must be thinking big. The latest buzzword for RPA technology is hyper-automation. The idea is to automate business processes - even automatically - of increasing complexity that today rely on human knowledge. Automation is beginning to change the very nature of work, not only by providing an affordable way for business processes to become more digital but also by changing the human work experience and creating the conditions for more sophisticated and intelligent business expansion and transformation. In short, RPA ushered in a new era of work. The rest is yet to come.